Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled the most-asked questions and hope you find these answers helpful, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any unanswered questions here. We hope to hear from you soon!


My friend has a good camera and will shoot for free, why should I pay a professional?

Hiring a talented friend to handle your photography can be a good way to cut down your budget but consider these points first; A pro is committed to your event, is guaranteed to show up and remain unobtrusive. A pro is experienced and has a specific way of doing things so there won't be any guesswork. There is a contract involved and a pro is obligated to provide you with great results. There is always a risk of straining your relationship with your friend, however, with a pro you're building one! Besides, if s/he is truly a friend - you'll want him/her to enjoy your event!

How long have you been in business?

Capture was established in 2010.

Do you offer printing services?

Yes we do! Whether the image was taken by us or by you with a phone, tablet or point-and-shoot camera - we can print on stone, metal, wood, pillow, canvas, the classic picture frame, blankets, ornaments and much more! We offer various sizes, please click here and request for our print prices.

What is your pricing and payment terms?

We offer a variety of rates and collections in addition to custom quotes. To get an accurate quote, please get in touch via our booking page and we'll respond shortly.

A non-refundable booking fee of 40% is required to reserve your date, 60% of your balance will be due approximately 2 months from your event date. We do require full payment before the event, however, payment for overtime and additional products can be paid post-event.

How and when do I book you?

Go to the booking page by clicking here and kindly fill the form. You should typically book 6-12 months in advance as soon as you have a date and venue, however, if your event is just around the corner then please check with us for availability by calling +233246662266.

Will the founder, Barrak, shoot my event?

As much as he would like to shoot all events, depending on the day he may not be available to shoot yours. A lot of images showcased on our website were captured by his team, rest assured - they are very capable and you're guaranteed satisfactory results!


Is it important to have a second shooter?

While a single photographer can capture your day, we strongly advise having a second shooter to ensure no incredible moments are missed. For instance, while the principal photographer focuses on the father of the bride's speech - the other can focus on the reactions of the bride/guests, thus creating a more compelling story of your day! Also, while the principal photographer is quietly capturing candid moments and portraits, the second will be doing a bit more of regular and formal photography and this means you'll end up with an amazing collection of images to choose from.

How many photo/videographers will cover my event?

It depends on the collection you select but at the least there will be one photographer and two videographers at any event.

When do I get to meet the team?

As soon as possible! We prefer to have a brief discussion in person at your earliest convenience and if you're pressed for time or out of town - we can Skype, Facetime or chat on WhatsApp!


If we cancel our event, will we get our money back?

We require a 40% non-refundable deposit to confirm booking, once that is paid you will not be compensated for a cancellation at any point in time as other jobs would've been turned down for that date. If you paid 100%, 60% will be paid back at a reasonable date.

If we postpone our event date, will we be able to use our deposit for a future date?

Yes you can, however, new rates will apply if there are changes. This will depend on how far ahead the new date is and only as long as we're not fully booked.

Do you shoot outside of Accra or Ghana?

We’re available worldwide! however, travel, accommodation and car hire costs will have to be catered for when needed.

What happens if my event stretches longer than planned?

We will stay 30 mins free of charge, we will then prompt you if we should continue shooting. If so, the hourly rate will be applied.

What is your photography style?

We're best known for the unposed, authentic and timeless moments we capture and we focus on chronicling the day organically! In other words, we shoot in a photo-journalistic manner.

Do you deliver every image and are they all edited?

We do not deliver every image. We filter through the album by deleting duplicates, blurred and unflattering images.

Yes, we edit all images! Once filtering is done your images go through our basic post-production process by applying exposure adjustments, colour correction, cropping amongst others (some photographers will show you untouched images and only work their magic on the images you order).

How many images will we receive?

It depends on a few factors; the hours of coverage, amount of photographers, etc. Our average for an 8-10hr day for a single photographer is 600-800 images.

Do we get to keep the negatives?

We provide high-resolution digital files which are the equivalent of negatives. You have the right to reproduce copies for personal use and share with family and friends. We retain the right to use your images for promotional purposes, competitions, professional review, etc. If you don't want your images published then please let us know.

Do we get the copyright of the images?

We include a copyright release in our contract which means that you can print at any photo lab, however, it's not the same as obtaining copyright! Copyright simply means that we're the creators of the images. Copyright transfers are not possible but you may share your images freely.

How long does it take for my images/videos to be delivered?

For images; a summary will be sent via email (between 15-30 pics) within 5 days after your event, after which you'll receive the full collection within 14 working days. You must then select the photos you want edited for your final package within 2 weeks (by sending image codes via email), your final images will be delivered tentatively 30 working days from the day of selection. Photo-book delivery is between 3-4 weeks from the day you approve the book design.

For videos; a 3-5 minute trailer will be sent via email within 14 working days and the full length video will be delivered within 2 months tentatively.

What type of equipment do you use?

Mainly Nikon D750's with an array of Nikkor prime and zoom lenses with light modifiers.

Do you have backup equipment? What about a backup plan if my scheduled photographer is unable to shoot my event for some reason?

Yes! we always have backup equipment and have equally skilled photographers who can replace your scheduled photographer if something unexpected happens.

How will you be dressed?

It depends on the event but more than likely we will be wearing all black Capture apparel - for dinners and weddings we are usually in a long-sleeve shirt with black trousers and black shoes. For social events during the day we're in black or white short-sleeve shirts with black trousers and black shoes. If there is a dress-code for your event that we need to match, kindly let us know in ample time to prepare and we'll be more than happy to do so.